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The website name may have changed, but we are still providing the quality service our customers have come to know and love.

Dustless Sanding and Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood floor refinishing takes your hardwood floors and stairs back to their natural state. All surfaces are sanded, removing finishes and revealing their natural beauty.

To make this dust-less, we use two separate vacuums during the sanding process, as well as mask off any cabinets, openings, doorways and use fans to create a negative airflow in the jobsite. The containment of the dust when we refinish wood floors has always been a huge priority to Wood Floor Services and we take pride in a clean home when we are finished.


Wood Floor Services sanding hardwood floorsWith the new dustless system that Wood Floor Services uses, masking off openings is no longer required eliminating the need for tape and plastic which can add time and also create extra work after the tape is removed. There are some situations where tape and plastic may be needed, but we will notify you during the consultation.

It is important to note that this process is not dust free but dustless. The best way to describe the amount of dust generated would be “as if you haven’t dusted for a couple weeks”. It is what we have been telling clients for years now, and we think we do this better mainly because we try. Our equipment is regularly cleaned and maintained and we practice constant vigilance during every project.

At the end of each work day, our clients can still access the work area eliminating the need for costly hotel stays or a dreaded week with the in-laws.

What We Do

  • Restore wood floors and wood stairs to their natural beauty
  • Maintain a safe and dustless environment
  • Offer low VOC environmentally friendly finishes
  • Stay in close communication with client until the project is complete

Benefits of Dustless Sanding and Wood Floor Refinishing

  • Increases the value of the home
  • Reduces allergens that are often present in carpets
  • Significantly easier to clean than carpeted floors
  • A fraction of the cost of new floor installations
  • Less dust than traditional floor sanding methods