FAQ's For Customers in the Greater Portland Area & Southern Maine


Why should I get wood floors?

Wood floors are easy to clean, pet dander doesn't linger, it is a great option for those with allergies or asthma, and they greatly increase the value of your home. In these times a home with beautiful hardwood floors ready to go is an easy choice for any home buyer.

What kind of wood should I get?

This is probably the most frequently asked question, and the answer is simple; I don't know. But with one call to me I can show you samples that I have and you can tell me what you are expecting from your floor. Then I can give you my best advice to help you make the best decision for your home needs. When you begin your search remember that pine, fir and cherry are softwoods that are most common in this area. The hardwoods that seem to be most frequent are Red Oak, White Oak and Maple. Birch is also fairly popular but is a bit softer than Oak or Maple.

How much dust can we expect when are floors are being sanded?

You can expect very little dust. I use the Ruwac Vacuum & Dust Containment System on my on all of my sanding equipment. The work are is kept clean throughout the sanding process and typically very little (if any) is needed after we have left.

Contractor prices seem to vary greatly from company to company. How do I know if I am being treated fairly?

Cheapest isn't always best, especially when it comes to home improvement projects but sometimes there is no choice. You should also review references and/or ask friends and neighbors about their past experience with a flooring contractor. I also recommend looking at the work yourself. Everyone's opinion of a good job differs.

What should I look for in a good floor sanding and finishing?

From a standing height the floor should appear smooth, uniform and have almost no visible particles. If you walk across it in stocking feet you can get a good assessment of the finished product. Also, check a few corners; if these are done properly chances are the rest is as well.

Can I look at a previous or recently completed job to view your work firsthand?

Absolutely, I can arrange a walk through on either a recent job or one from years ago. I have a number of satisfied customers willing to show-off their floors!

How long should we stay of the floors after they are finished?

A floor finished with oil requires approximately 2 weeks reaching full cure in normal conditions. Water base finishes require about a week. During this period you should leave all rugs off floors and limit traffic to socks or slippers. The longer you can “baby” your floors the better the finish can cure and you can achieve more lasting results.

What is difference in durability between a pre finished floor and floor that is finished on site?

Very little….the 25 or 50 year warranty on pre finished floors is loaded with fine print. A pre finished floor will scratch and dent the same as a site finished floor. The obvious drawback to the p/f floor is the beveled edges but a fact that is overlooked is what to do if there is a discrepancy in the flooring itself or in the sub floor it is being fastened to. With a site finished floor you can address both of those concerns with a great result and you don't have the beveled edges to look at.

Which polyurethane is better, oil or water?

This is a common question, and though oil is still a great choice for poly, water finishes are becoming more popular and more durable. Couple that with low odor & fast-drying times, and in some situations, water can't be beat.

Does hiring a contractor with more experience mean I will get a better job?

In most cases, yes, experience is very important and can only be developed over time. But all the experience in the world is worthless if the contractor doesn't take pride in his/her work and treat the customer with respect. Caring about your reputation and the finished product is something that cannot be taught. Again, what is important is that you have done your homework about the contractor and the work you would like to be done. Finally, what it boils down to is “Do I feel confident having this person in my home?” You can't put a price on that.